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What's Happening


  • I will be on a panel with Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond at this year's Deep Water Literary Festival in Narrowsburg, New York. What a wonderful combination of some of my favorite things: being in Narrowsburg, talking about books with a writer I admire. 
  • A wonderful review of Dirty Suburbia in Kirkus: "Every story in Hosey's distinguished, engrossing collection is memorable, suffused with meaning and emotion, with characters exhibiting the grace and wisdom of age or the testiness of youth. This is splendidly entertaining reading." 
  • From D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer at the Midwest Book Review: In Dirty Suburbia, "Hosey captures the ironies, agonies, and sometimes lonely struggles of females who face individual and social challenges, yet emerge from battle to find newfound connections and positivity in life."
  • Reading this review of Benjamin Herold's Disillusioned: Five Families and the Unraveling of America's Suburbs brought into focus, for me, how the dream of living outside of the city, the promise of safety and ease, has not held up in recent decades, a phenomenon I explore in Dirty Suburbia. 
  • So proud of this review in MER: Mom Egg Review. Laura Dennis writes that Dirty Suburbia is "a story collection that offers both closely observed situations and a wide-ranging emotional exploration...each story features a slow reveal of perfectly timed, well-chosen details that continually revise the reader's understanding of the characters and their lives."
  • Kirkus Reviews calls Summer People "A timely mystery exploring multiple, complex themes." 
  • My short story, "Mickey Makes a Salad" has been nominated for the "Best of the Net" Anthology. 
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